If you have recently applied for a new permesso di soggiorno or its renewal or conversion, you can use this article to learn more on:

  • How to check the status and progress
  • What the status means
  • How and where to collect your permit
  • How long it takes for the permit to be ready for collection

Note that if you have applied for asylum, you cannot check the results of your Commission online. You will receive the decision on your asylum application by mail at the address you provided or at your reception center.

How to check the status online

You can check the status of your permit of stay on the website of the Polizia di Stato. On the Polizia di Stato site, you will have to enter the file number ‘numero di pratica’ (10 characters - if you have the receipt from Questura) or registered mail code ‘numero dell’assicurata’ (12 characters - if you have the receipt from the Poste Italiane office).  

After entering the code, the system will display the result showing the current status of your permit. The common results that you’ll see are as follows: invalid number of characters; under discussion; not present in the archive or residence permit is ready (check the ‘Meaning of the Status’ section below to learn more).

You can also check the status on the Portale Immigrazione with the receipt issued at the Poste Italiane office. The receipt shows the code (user ID and Password) required to check the progress status of the application on the website as well as the appointment date to be fingerprinted and photographed at the Questura.

The meaning of the Status

Invalid number of characters - “Numero di caratteri non validi”

This means that the code entered is incomplete or invalid. Check that there are 10 characters if entering the file number or 12 if entering the registered mail code.

Under discussion - “Documento di soggiorno in trattazione”

It means that your permit of stay is being processed and it is not yet ready. So you have to wait a little longer.

Not present in the archive - “Il documento di soggiorno non è presente in archivio”

If you entered the code correctly and got this message “your permit of stay is not present in the archive”, it could mean several things like: they have not yet registered your application in the online archive; or temporary technical problems; or something went wrong with your application; or it was rejected. 

In any case, if you encounter this problem, you can contact the competent Questura for clarification. Please note that if you have recently applied for a new permit of stay, conversion or renewal, you are likely to see this kind of message as in some cases it may take a few weeks for the status to be updated in the online portal.

Ready for delivery - “Il documento di soggiorno è pronto per la consegna”

It means that your permit of stay is ready for collection and you will see the address of the office where you need to go to collect it.

How and where to collect the permit

If the permit is ready for collection, the system will indicate the name and address of the office where it can be collected. In some cases, an SMS is also sent indicating the procedures for collecting the permit of stay. If the system shows that the permit is ready, but it did not show any indication on how to collect the permit or no SMS was sent to you, there’s nothing to worry about! You can go to the competent Questura anyway to collect your permit.

In general, the permit of stay can be collected at the competent Questura or Commissariato office. See the contact details for all Questure in Italy here: 

How long it takes before you collect your permit

By Italian law, it should take within 60 days for the residence permit to be processed and ready for collection. In practice, the processing times are always much longer and people may even have to wait longer than expected. 

Note: If you have been waiting for the permit for more than 90 days, you can ask your lawyer or a local organization to send an official mail (PEC) to the competent Questura, asking them to speed up the process. And if you need help finding a lawyer who may help, send us a message on Facebook, Telegram or WhatsApp.

We hope this information is helpful! After reading this article and you have any doubts or need further clarifications, you can send us a private message on our social media channel and we’ll reply as soon as possible! :)