The first form that you will fill out at the questura to formalize your asylum request is the C3 form.

However, some questuras will ask you to fill in a form called a “foglio notizie” before filling out a C3 form.

The foglio notizie form is generally given to people who have been rescued at sea and brought to a hotspot. Learn more about hotspots:

What to know when you arrive in Italy

If you are made to fill out the foglio notizie,  you will have to include your personal information and the reasons why you came to Italy. Here are two examples of the document:

foglio notizie 2

foglio notizie1

It is crucial that on the foglio notizie form you check the boxes for “asylum” or “international protection” and never the words “study,” “job,” “work” or similar.

If there are no boxes to cross with the words “asylum” or “international protection,” if you can, write that you have come to Italy to “request asylum” or “request international protection.”

If you do not understand what to write on the form, or if an official is telling you to fill out something you do not agree with, you are permitted to not sign the form.

The questura uses this form to try to distinguish “economic migrants” from asylum-seekers.

If the authorities consider you to be an economic migrant, they will not formalize your request for asylum in Italy and they will give you an expulsion order.

If you receive an expulsion order, you can appeal this decision within 30 days. To do so, you may contact a lawyer.