What is this permesso for?

The Permesso per Richiesta Asilo, also referred to as the Permesso Richiesta Protezione Internazionale, is for asylum-seekers in Italy.

All new arrivals to Italy who decide to seek asylum in Italy, should receive this kind of permesso.

How do I get it?

You get this permesso once you file your C3 form and the government registers it.

If you’re in a center or camp, usually the operators or managers of your camp will help you get your permesso. Otherwise, the questura where you submit your C3 form can tell you when and how you will receive it.

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How long will it take to get it?

Depending on the city, it could take one month or more time to get this permesso.

How long is this permesso valid for?

This kind of permesso is valid for 6 months, and can be renewed until you get a decision on your asylum application.

How can I renew this kind of permesso?

If you’re in a camp or center, the camp operators or managers will renew the permit for you when it’s time.

If you’re not in a camp or center, but have applied for asylum in Italy, you’ll have to visit the questura that gave you your first permit to get it renewed.

Many questure are very slow to schedule appointments for permesso renewals. You will benefit from scheduling your renewal appointment on the same day your permit expires, not later.

In some bigger questure, you can schedule your renewal appointment even before your permesso expires. This will allow you to avoid being without a permit for an unknown period of time.

What rights do I have when I hold this permesso di soggiorno?

Like all permessi di soggiorno, this permesso shows that you have the legal right to stay in Italy as long as it is valid.

With this permesso, you have the right to:

With this permesso you do not have the right to:

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