The “indicatore della situazione economica equivalente,” or ISEE, is a tool used to measure the economic status of families in Italy.

You will need to know your ISEE to apply for bonuses and social benefits.

To calculate your family’s ISEE you need to complete a “dichiarazione sostitutiva unica,” and submit it at your local financial assistance center, which Italians call a “patronato.” There are several different patronati in Italy, including the CAAF CGIL, CISL, UIL, or ANOLF.

The patronato office can also help you fill out the dichiarazione sostitutiva unica, but you’ll need to make an appointment first.

A “dichiarazione sostitutiva unica”, takes into account:

  • Your income
  • Your assets
  • Characteristics of your family (for example, how big it is)

There are patronati offices in most Italian towns and cities. To find the patronato office closest to you, send us a message on Facebook and we can help.

Before going you need to complete an autocertificazione stato di famiglia (family status certification), print it, sign it, and take it along with you to the patronato. (You can get this document using the form on the comuni.it website here).

It's a good idea to bring every document you have that relates to your family, including:

  • ID cards and residence permits
  • Health cards
  • Any documents related to your family’s income and employment
  • Any documents related to anything your family owns
  • Any documents related to any rent you pay

The patronato might ask for more documents.