To travel between cities in Italy, the cheapest and most convenient forms of transport are trains and buses.

Trains usually have more options for travel between cities.

To move within Italian cities, there are many options including bus, metro, and tram networks.

In most cities there is a public bus network. Big cities like Milan and Rome also have metro and tram systems.

Paying for public transport

You can buy a train, metro, tram or bus ticket at your local train station. At the train station, you may either visit the ticket office, in Italian named a "biglietteria," or the ticket machines, also labeled as "biglietteria."

You can buy a bus ticket from a "cartoleria," which is a shop where magazines and newspapers are sold. Most train and bus stations in Italy have cartoleria shops.

You can also buy bus tickets in some "tabaccheria" shops. A tabaccheria is a tobacco shop found throghout Italian towns and cities. Most train and bus stations in Italy have them. If there is a tobacco shop near a bus stop, they will also usually have bus tickets.

You can buy a metro or tram ticket from a metro station.

In big cities like Rome and Milan, there are physical ticket offices as well as ticket machines in metro stations. These ticket machines usually have the option to use English settings, which might make your purchase a little easier.

If you are staying in a center, you may be eligible for financial support for public transport. Ask the employees of your center for more information.

Public transport websites by city

In Rome

Website of the Rome metro network

Website of the city of Rome transportation company

Rome 360 public transport website

In Milan

Website of the Milan Metro network

Website of the city of Milan's transportation company

Wesbsite of the municipality of Milan's transportation department

In other cities

For more information on the public transportation system in your city, you can search online using Google. For the best results, you should search in Italian.

To search for bus lines, you may write: "Linee urbane a ______"

To search for metro or tram lines, you may write: "Metro a ______"

In the blank space, you can write the name of the town or city in Italy where you live.

If you live in a reception center, such as a CAS, CARA or SAI, you can ask the people who work there for information on public transport options in your area. In many cases, they will be able to direct you on how to use them, and may help you buy a ticket.