Diaconia Valdese Area Inclusione (Inserimenti lavorativi Office) and FLAI-CGIL, with the support of Community Center in Turin have worked together to produce a series of 5 videos to raise awareness on workers' rights and combat undeclared work.

The videos discuss the following topics:

  • Work contract, or 'contratto di lavoro' in Italian
  • Payslip, or 'busta paga' in Italian
  • Union, or 'sindacato' in Italian
  • Rights and duties, or 'diritti e doveri' in Italian
  • Security in the workplace, or 'sicurezza sul lavoro' in Italian.

The videos are in Italian but subtitles are available in Italian and English. You can choose the subtitle language after hitting the 'play' button.

The picture below shows how you can select the language you prefer. If you do not speak English or Italian, you can also select the 'auto-translate' option to get subtitles in many other languages. The quality of translation may not be the best, as it is an automatic translation.

Istruzioni per sottotitoli

Contratto di lavoro

Busta paga


Here you can also find two more videos on:

Rights and duties

Security in the workplace